Govt supports wheat marketing review (in theory)

Govt supports wheat marketing review (in theory)

India has a long history of support for its farmers through its long tradition of subsidise천안출장마사지d agricultural development. However, when a farmer dies, his or her crops are harvested and destroyed in the process. If the government’s official wheat marketing review (in theory) were to go ahead, those killed in the process could be compensated for. This is because farmers are entitled to a percentage of the harvest in the form of subsidies, usually in the range of 3% to 5%.

The first such subsidy payment of around Rs.7 crore received by a farmer over a five year period took place in 2008-09. A total of about Rs.1,000 crore in 2011-12 was paid to farmers and Rs.250 crore to traders.

In India, subsidised farmers receive a much lower subsidy than traders, and it is only on the latter who get the real money.

Pushing up food prices

India’s dependence on imports from China and the rest of the world puts a lot of pressure on its agriculture sector. The country is dependent upon foreign imports to feed its growing population of about one billion people, with a high level of literacy, income and infrastructure depe코인카지노ndency on imported fertilisers, pesticides, animal feed and energy. Even with the rise in food costs, there is huge room for improvement if there is to be any meaningful economic recovery.

A major cause for slowing growth in the sector is the rising costs of fertilisers. There is a need for India to lower its use of chemical fertilisers to allow for the increase in productivity in the sector, thereby increasing the agricultural output while also reducing the use of those chemical fertilisers by farmers. India’s food price index has fallen steadily로투스 홀짝 over the last 25 years, a trend that is linked to the sharp reduction in prices of natural gas and food. India needs to reverse its trend towards falling prices of imported fertilisers if it is to have any hope of catching up with its export market needs.