Pokemon — White Two Version

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Pokemon White 2 has been created by Sport Freak, printed by The Pokémon Company and Nintendo for Nintendo DS Console.

It was released on 23 June 2012 at Japan as a pair with Pokemon Black 2 Version which shares the exact same plot with minimal alterations.

This game is a direct sequel to 2010 released Pokémon White Version using all the narrative beginning after two years of the very first version.

In the past two decades, many changes have occurred in the beautiful Region of Unova.

Lots of new cities have been built like the south-west contains place like Aspertia City, Floccesy Town, and Virbank City.

Certain areas like Challenger’s cave is no longer accessible, and various new locations that were inaccessible in the past version could now be researched.

At the start of the game, you will meet Bianca who’s now the assistant of Professor Juniper.

Bianca will provide you an choice to choose a pokémon out of three which will ultimately become your starter Pokémon.

These three pokemons are all — Fire-type Tepig, Grass-type Snivy, along with Water-type — Oshawott.

You will also get your Pokédex out of Bianca that has enhanced and now comes with a total of 301 Pokémons from the start from every generation.Join Us pokémon white 2 rom website

After getting your starter Pokémon and Pokédex you’ll go to a Journey to learn more about the game and become the most powerful in your Region.

You will fight many trainers, Gym Leaders, grab powerful pokemons, and may also stop Team Plasma from achieving their wicked intention of controlling Unova.

At the present time you’ll be able to store six pokemons on your team.

This sport has improved a lot in terms of Graphics, Storyline, Character, and also variety of Pokemons accessible compared to prior generation.

Pokemon White 2 comes with a distinctive location known as the Pokéstar Studios that was not available in any former generation.

This game still has a distinctive place referred to as the White Forest that we first saw in the Pokemon White Version.

Characteristics of Pokemon White 2

Fight Other Pokémons and Trainers —

After obtaining your very first pokemon out of Bianca(Professor Juniper’s Assistant), you go on a trip to explore the game and become the strongest trainer at the Kanto region.

To become the most powerful, you have to earn a team of exceptionally powerful Pokemons with higher attack and defense power.

At first, you just have one pokemon that you got from Bianca.

With the support of your starter pokemon, then you need to battle and grab different pokemon to produce the team.

You will encounter various pokémons while walking into the long grass.

After you experience a pokemon, the screen mode will change to fight mode.

You will have four choices to choose — FIGHT, BAG, RUN, POKÈMON.

If you would like to combat, then you can decide on the FIGHT option at which you will show four attacks your pokemon may do, and you have to select among them.

If you would like to catch the competition or drink a potion, then you’re able to select the BAG option.

You may only flee by deciding on the RUN alternative, but if the competition is stronger than you then you will not be in a position to leave the match.

For checking the overview of your pokemon or exchanging one in a battle, you can use the POKÈMON alternative.

Before throwing a Poké Ball be sure that you attack the rival and reduce its HP.

You can attack the competition by choosing one of the four attacks that your pokemon may do.

Then go at the BAG option and choose the Poké Ball to throw some Poké Ball in the competition.

The lower your HP, the greater the chances of grabbing a pokemon and putting it on your group.

At the moment it is possible to store six pokemon on your group.

In your trip, you will also battle several trainers just like you who desire their pokemon to be strong.

By battling, your pokemon will obtain expertise and will also learn new movements which may be used against the competition.

In the event you win the conflict, then you’ll also get some money that you may use from the shop to buy something, such as a Poké Ball.

How to Download Pokemon White two

Follow the steps below to get this game on your PC, Mac, Android or Linux properly.


2. Download the Pokemon White two ROM from the link above and also a document will download.

3. Open your own Emulator and then click ADD ROM and add the downloaded game file.

4. Done, Enjoy your game.


In this guide, I discussed the way you can easily download and operate Pokemon White 2 ROM on your PC, Mac, Linux, Android or iOS apparatus at no cost. You may play this game in your favourite device whenever you want without any difficulty. If you like this guide, then don’t forget to talk about it with your friends and loved ones.


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