Rio olympics kurtis marschall qualifies for games set to start in 2018

Rio olympics kurtis marschall qualifies for games set to start in 2018

Athletics legend and current London-based TV presenter Kurtis Marschall has applied to be included in the 2018 Rio Olympics.

The Olympic hopeful says he could have a chance to represent his country at this summer’s event.

Mr Marschall, the first black individual to compete in the 100m freestyle race, is a member of the British Olympic Committee and has been involved in th구리출장마사지e London 2012 Olympic Games in organising and running events around the 카지노London 2012 Olympic Stadium including a run by the team from the London 2012 Olympic Stadium running team.

Mr Marschall has also been involved in the London 2012 Paralympics which sees a total of 21 Paralympians competing for the Games with seven wheelchair-users.

The athlete will now have three years to apply for the right to compete in Rio if he is found to be ready for it.

In a statement, his spokesperson said: “I look forward to working closely with the Olympic Committee and the new head of team operations for the next four years in order to deliver an unforgettable Games in Rio in the most inspiration보성출장샵 보성출장안마al fashion.

“I believe that I am ready for a challenging and exciting new role in public life with London 2012 as I work hard to bring the best to the Olympic Games.”

The bid deadline is May 14, 2018.