Sanders’ rivals accused the Senator in a heated TV debate of scaring off moderate voters with his proposals.

Sanders’ rivals accused the Senator in a heated TV debate of scaring off moderate voters with his proposals.

Together with Americans with Asian roots, they make up a third of the electorate. A success of Biden by a large margin could show that he could very well beat Trump. Officially behind Biden: Jim Clyburn. (Photo: AP) Biden and his election staff have long declared that South Carolina is his “firewall” and will surely win there. After the TV debate in Charleston a few days ago, Biden repeated that he had to win; no matter how, even if it is only one percentage point ahead.

In fact, the area code could be the prelude to his comeback, since 1988, with one exception, all “Black Belt” states (South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Louisiana) have voted for the same applicant. In the numerous television appearances, Biden mostly lived up to Trump’s nickname for him: “Sleepy Joe”. He had unexpectedly poor pre-election results and suddenly also faltered in polls in South Carolina. But then a few days ago Biden showed himself as if he had fallen into a fountain of youth.

Aggressive and determined, he delivered by far his best TV debate. After that, he was clearly looking up in surveys. Yes, that could happen.

A quick look back shows how fast it can go: For what felt like an eternity, Biden had been clearly ahead of Sanders in national surveys. Then came Iowa, it crashed in polls and also did worse than expected in the following two decisions in New Hampshire and Nevada. Biden’s polls went down nationally and Sanders got on him in South Carolina. After his surprisingly good performance in the TV debate, Biden is now an average of twelve percent ahead of his competitor.

It shows that people want to vote for Biden. But they want to see performance for it; it doesn’t look good for them. For most of them, it will be a matter of jumping over the 15 percent hurdle in one of the state’s seven constituencies, as this is the only way to get delegate votes for the nomination party convention in July. If Biden and Sanders dominate, they will also split all delegates among themselves.

Billionaire Tom Steyer, for example, has invested a lot of money in canvassing in South Carolina because the result can be a springboard for Super Tuesday on March 3rd. Then 14 states choose their ideal candidate. In polls, Steyer is behind Biden and Sanders, where he scratches the 15 percent mark – everyone who doesn’t reach 15 percent in South Carolina. In national polls, Sanders currently leads 29.5 percent, followed by Biden with 18 percent, followed by Bloomberg (14.7), Warren (12) and Buttigieg (10.3). Biden in particular probably benefits when other moderates like Buttigieg or withdraw Amy Klobuchar. Surveys have shown that the closer voters see each other in the middle, the more likely they will support biology essay services

So the longer there is a broad field of candidates, the better for Sanders. He has his base of young and left-wing voters anyway; he only competes with Elizabeth Warren for progressives overall. Yes, without a doubt, as do every area code on the following. The applicant with the best chance of a direct nomination has the forecast of “FiveThirtyEight” according to a third Sanders. However, there is currently a 50 percent chance that there will be no candidate with a sufficient majority of delegates at the party congress in July. Then delegates selected by the party would bring about a decision.

But South Carolina may turn that forecast on its head. Not to mention Super Tuesday when Michael Bloomberg intervenes for the first time. Bloomberg is not competing in South Carolina either, but for the first time on Super Tuesday. If the billionaire from New York City then lands a surprise success, the area code looks different again. Source: “” Micaela Schäfer with friend Felix Steiner. (Photo: imago / eventfoto54) How the nude model Micaela Schäfer looks without a T-shirt , is well known.

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Why? “To please my friend.” Source: “Hurricane” Dorian “hits the northern Bahamas at almost 300 kilometers an hour. US President Trump is surprised by the force of the hurricane. South Carolina has more than 800,000 citizens The US state of South Carolina has ordered an evacuation of its entire coast due to the approaching Hurricane Dorian. Up to 830,000 residents will have to get to safety from noon, the authorities said.

The extensive evacuation is likely to be an unpopular measure. “We cannot keep everyone happy, but we can keep everyone alive,” said Governor Henry McMaster. Schools and authorities in the areas would remain closed until further notice. The hurricane of the most dangerous category should not arrive there until Wednesday. According to forecasts, “Dorian” coming from the Bahamas should not reach Florida until this evening at the earliest. There the authorities have issued a hurricane warning for large parts of the east coast of the state.

Because of the approaching hurricane “Dorian” there is a threat of life-threatening storm surges, heavy rains and dangerous winds until the middle of the week, as the National Hurricane Center explained. According to previous forecasts, the hurricane of the most dangerous category five should not hit land in Florida, but it does slight deviation “could bring the center of the storm close to the coast or on land, as the meteorologists warned. Hurricane-force winds can occur up to 75 kilometers from the center of the storm. Several locations in Florida have already ordered valid evacuations for coastal and lower-lying areas. In the neighboring states of Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina, you can expect strong winds, heavy rainfall and flooding during the week, with the center of the hurricane on Sunday hit the northern Bahamas with devastating winds of up to 295 kilometers per hour met.

There threatened life-threatening storm surges of up to seven meters in height. Experts feared great destruction as a result of the hurricane. However, after a briefing with his federal crisis management agency FEMA, US President Donald Trump has again warned of the catastrophic consequences of hurricane “Dorian”. “Its effects will be felt hundreds of miles or more from the eye of the storm,” Trump said during the session, which was also attended by several of his ministers and Florida Senator Rick Scott. The hurricane was “one the biggest we’ve ever seen, “said Trump, and was surprised that a storm could be so strong. He assured the state that the Washington government would provide aid during and after the storm. Source:, bad / dpa “” “The competitors mainly rushed to Sanders’ proposals for statutory health insurance. (Photo: AP) Bernie Sanders currently has the best chance of getting from the Democrats in the race for the US presidency During the TV debate in South Carolina, he has to fend off violent attacks from his internal party rivals. The left-wing US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has been severely attacked by his Democratic rivals in view of his role as primary favorite.

Sanders’ rivals accused the Senator in a heated TV debate of scaring off moderate voters with his proposals. He therefore has no chance against incumbent Donald Trump in the presidential election in November. Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg launched the first frontal attack against Sanders right at the start of the debate: Russian President Vladimir Putin was in favor of Trump’s re-election. That’s why he wanted to help Sanders to run for president – so that he would then be defeated by Trump: “Bernie will lose to Donald Trump.” The media billionaire was referring to media reports about US intelligence assessments that Moscow wants to interfere in the primaries in favor of Sanders. Sanders replied in the debate that he would not allow Russian interference in the elections. Former Vice President Joe Biden accused Sanders of having voted against stricter gun laws in the past as a senator.

He also blamed the 78-year-old for positive comments on communist politics in Cuba: Senator Amy Klobuchar and ex-Mayor Pete Buttigieg – both representatives of the moderate party wing like Biden – criticized Sanders’ proposals for statutory health insurance for all US citizens . The self-proclaimed “Democratic Socialist” ‘s plans are not financially viable, they said at the television debate held in Charleston, South Carolina. Left-wing Senator Elizabeth Warren said Sanders, like her, advocates “progressive ideas.” The senator does not explain how he intends to finance his plans. She, on the other hand, can implement and finance her reform proposals – and is therefore the better progressive candidate. Buttigieg also warned that if Sanders was chosen as a presidential candidate, that would mean “chaos” – and “four more years for Donald Trump”.

Sanders took the attacks with irony: “I hear my name a little tonight,” said the Senator. “I ask myself why.” At the same time he vigorously defended his political proposals. He asserted that public health insurance for everyone would ultimately reduce the costs of the health system, not increase it. The attacks on Sanders are no coincidence: The Senator for the state of Vermont is currently the clear favorite with the Democrats. He landed at the top in the first three primaries and leads the national polls by a clear margin.

Sanders also has good cards in the next area code in South Carolina on Saturday: polls currently see him in second place behind Biden. Sanders has recently been able to narrow the gap to the ex-vice president in the southern state and caught up with the important group of voters of African Americans. The so-called Super Tuesday next Tuesday is particularly important, when 14 states will be elected. Then it’s about a third of all delegates who will finally officially elect President Trump’s challenger in July. Source:, ino / AFP “” US presidential candidate Kanye West opens his election campaign in South Carolina. At the event for invited guests, the rapper appears in a bulletproof vest and makes, among other things, intimate confessions of his private life. Kanye West, who claims to be running for the office of US president, held his first election campaign event.

Like his previous announcements about his alleged presidential ambitions, it was chaotic. West burst into tears during Sunday’s performance in the state of South Carolina when he said his father tried to have him aborted. “My mother saved my life,” said the 43-year-old. He went on to say that he himself urged his wife Kim Kardashian to have an abortion when the reality TV star was pregnant with North – the couple’s oldest daughter. “I almost killed my daughter! I almost killed my daughter!” West exclaimed. The musician also claimed that the famous African American escape helper Harriet Tubman (1820-1913) never freed slaves.

Rather, she had “let the slaves work for other white people”. Tubman’s life is the subject of last year’s film “Harriet – The Path to Freedom”. Only invited guests were allowed to attend the rapper’s election rally in Charleston. West wore a bulletproof vest that said “Safety”. According to US media reports, the participants had to commit themselves in a written declaration to wear masks during the event and to keep their distance from other guests. West had announced on Independence Day on July 4th to everyone’s surprise that he would run in the presidential election in November . Since then, it has been puzzled in the US how serious he really meant it, West was long considered an ardent supporter of President Donald Trump.

Most recently, however, he distanced himself from the right-wing populist. Observers point out that the rapper in some hotly contested key states could harm Trump’s designated rival from the Democratic Party, Joe Biden, should West actually run and win black votes. Source:, nan / AFP “With a suitable donor organ (Photo: imago stockpeople) Because she is looking for a donor kidney for her sick son, a mother from South Carolina writes a desperate cry for help on the rear window of her car. The family can hardly believe it when they actually get one Woman reports.

A woman in the United States donated a kidney to a sick young man after his mother wrote a cry for help on her car. The British online portal “” reports on this happy ending story. The waiting time for a suitable donor organ can be endless for some sick patients. The 24-year-old Daniel Jones from the US state of South Carolina was also desperately waiting for a suitable kidney. His mother, Lashonda Pugh, couldn’t see it and wanted to do something about the long wait. Without further ado she painted the rear window of her car with a message.

In white she wrote: “My son needs a kidney to survive. (…).” Then she gives the hint for a phone number and asks to report a suitable blood type.In November 2018, she parked her car in a supermarket parking lot in Charleston, South Carolina. There he is discovered by a passerby. Starr Gardy has the right blood type and is so touched that she wants to help the sick person. The young man suffers from Alport’s syndrome and therefore absolutely needs a new kidney.

Gardy told Good Morning America magazine about the emotional moment: “I was frozen and so touched that I asked myself, ‘What if I could help?'”. Then she calls the number. Six months later, in May 2019, the big moment comes: Gardy donates one of her two kidneys to Daniel Jones.