Study challenges existence of man flu virus

Study challenges existence of man flu virus

A WHO expert said there had been no new research on the virus, which has been present in humans since 1947.

“If we don’t know about the viruses and if we don’t do research, we’re not able to know what it will do,” said Professor Rolf Pohle, from the Medical School, a hospital at the University of Bonn.

Pohle said it would be extremely difficult for the virus to evolve on its own if it did not carry카지노 the genetic information that was in the human virus before it entered the human genome.

“It’s a matter of making sure we have a virus from another source to make sure it is a completely homogenous virus,” he said.

The only reason to think that a virus of that size would not be introduced into the population is because humans are not spread far enough around the world for it to be discovered, he added.

A paper in the current edition of The Lancet medical journal said the strain had apparently “differed significantly” from human viruses.

The researchers examined the sequence of the virus, which was carried in different human populations.

Analysis of the sequence shows that it is the same평택출장마사지 and identical DNA from the human virus. This means that, so far, there are no new mutations in the virus. That would mean, though, that the virus could change in certain ways if the DNA from a different individual was transferred to humans.

The only chance is if the virus was introduced at the time that it got into human populations, or over several generati최고의 퀄리티ons. The current strain was likely to have appeared in Europe or the US before it passed into modern humans.