The Upper Bavarian district of Ebersberg is particularly affected

The Upper Bavarian district of Ebersberg is particularly affected

Two cities are nominated every year – mostly one from the old EU countries and one from the new. In Germany, Essen was last European Capital of Culture (2010) with the Ruhr area. The next time it’s Germany’s turn in 2025. Chemnitz, Hanover, Hildesheim, Magdeburg and Nuremberg have already been shortlisted. The second cultural capital in 2025 is Slovenia.

Her partner mistreated her, driving her around the house for hours with blows and kicks. When he attacks her from behind in the basement after a short break, the 34-year-old stabs. The first stab in the chest is fatal, the Kiel district court found on Tuesday. The Chamber does not see the accusation of manslaughter fulfilled. “” The act was justified “, says the presiding judge Jörg Brommann. “” There was a special case of self-defense. “”

The 8th criminal division rated the second stab that the defendant stabbed her partner in the back as she passed by as dangerous bodily harm, says Brommann. The penalty: nine months’ probation. The mother of two can breathe easy.

During the three-year probationary period, however, she must meet a number of conditions that the court imposes with the judgment. The woman is subject to a probation officer, has to remain abstinent, continue her addiction therapy and regularly provide evidence of this. In addition, she has to report to the employment agency and seek psychotherapy for her severe personality disorder.

In the almost two-hour reasoning for the verdict, the judge describes an “” on-off relationship “” characterized by alcohol, drugs, arguments and violence. Because of “” regular beating orgies “” the police – as in previous relationships with women who follow the same pattern – have to come back again and again. She separates and then allows contact with the men who abuse her. In addition to alcohol and drug addiction, an expert attested that she had a severe borderline disorder.

According to the judgment, the fatal knife stab occurred shortly before Christmas 2018. She and her partner pick up an unwieldy suitcase by bike and need it for a stay in a rehab clinic. But his anger at the difficult transport grows into brutal abuse.

The defendant is physically inferior and defends herself as best she can. Even with a bite, as Brommann says. Although she even bites her son in the foot because she believes it is the partner. At this point, she only sees lightning and is in a panic. Neither a roommate nor the woman’s two sons can stop the man who looks like he is beside himself.

According to the verdict, the 35-year-old only lets go of her when she manages to finger a knife out of a drawer in the kitchen. A little later she is on the way to the basement to see her two sons, who have locked themselves there with their roommate. Suddenly, however, he attacks her from behind. Then she stabs – in self-defense, as the court certifies.

With the judgment, the chamber deviates significantly from the prosecutor’s request. She had applied for three years’ imprisonment for manslaughter in minor cases. The defense attorney had pleaded for self-defense and demanded acquittal.

A life-threatening variant of the meningococci is increasingly occurring in Bavaria this year. The pathogens can lead to meningitis (meningitis) or blood poisoning (sepsis). So far there have been six cases of meningococcal C – in the entire previous year there were only two, said the State Office for Health and Food Safety (LGL) on Monday. The Upper Bavarian district of Ebersberg is particularly affected. A 13-year-old from the Munich district was also infected. The LGL recommends checking the vaccination protection of children, adolescents and young adults and, if necessary, catching up.

According to the LGL, meningococcal diseases can become life-threatening within According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), small children and young people are particularly at risk. Symptoms are discomfort in the nasopharynx and for example fever, headache and chills. The pathogens are transmitted from person to person with close contact.

Meningococci come in twelve varieties. The RKI recommends vaccination against meningococcal C for all children from twelve months. Vaccinations against other variants are only recommended for risk groups. According to the LGL, the vaccination rate in Bavaria has increased, but according to the RKI it is still below the national average. According to the latest studies, almost every seventh first grader in Free State is not vaccinated against meningococcal C.

Tetanus symptoms are relatively easy to spot when people know what to look out for. If the first signs appear, it is important to act as quickly as possible so that the tetanus does not become life-threatening.

Typical teething problems: this is how you recognize them
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First signs of tetanus

Tetanus infection, also known as tetanus, happens faster than many people might think. The disease can be triggered by a seemingly harmless injury to a rusty tool or a thorny plant. The incubation period is between three days and three weeks. In rare cases it can last several months. Flu-like symptoms such as headaches, dizziness and general fatigue appear first.

Then there are sweats and sore muscles. Even slight visual disturbances such as flickering eyes or double vision are among the possible symptoms in the early stages, informs the online portal “” jameda “”.

Further course of the disease

However, it does not stop with the pain, because the further the infection progresses, the more it affects the muscles. First, the muscles in the face, head and neck area cramp. In the further course of the disease, the muscle rigidity also spreads to the back and stomach as well as arms, legs, ribs, larynx and diaphragm.

A typical tetanus symptom is the so-called jaw clamp, i.e. a cramping of the jaw muscles. This creates a rigid facial expression that is similar to a grin, as the health portal “” Onmeda “” describes. It is then no longer possible for those affected to open their mouth properly.

Reinforcement of tetanus symptoms by external stimuli

The muscle spasms usually occur at short intervals and last up to two minutes. The body suddenly bends backwards and overextends itself before it goes completely slack again. The seizures can be caused by simple external stimuli such as bright light, loud noises or touch.

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As the tetanus spreads to the ribs, larynx and diaphragm, breathing becomes increasingly difficult and there is a risk of suffocation. In general, the cramps can become extremely strong. In extreme cases, it is even possible that the infected person’s spine breaks. Because people do not lose consciousness during the seizures, they experience severe pain.

Galway (dpa) – Lots of rain, Irish music and lots of pubs where people drink and sing heavily. The city of Galway is – next to Rijeka in Croatia – the European Capital of Culture 2020. A city could hardly be much more Irish than Galway on the rough west coast.

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It is considered a stronghold for the country’s traditional music. The title of European Capital of Culture is also intended to help ease tensions on the Irish island in the face of Brexit.

The small university town with its many colorful houses exudes charm. It is said to be the most youthful, friendliest and most musical city in the country. There are street musicians on every corner and spread a good mood even in bad weather. “Galway is like Barcelona with rain, because here it rains 240 days a year,” “said creative director Helen Marriage when introducing the cultural program. It is the most extraordinary place, wild and at the end of Europe with a view of the Atlantic. “” America is the next stop. “”

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More and more young people are returning to Irish folklore. The 80,000-inhabitant city on the coast is not only popular with the Irish for regular festivals in summer. As a cultural capital, according to Marriage, one now dedicates itself to three main areas: language, landscape and migration. Thirty of a total of 154 projects are devoted to the Irish language alone. Migration is about both the history of Ireland and the cultural diversity in Europe. According to Marriage, it should convey what it means to be “” a modern European country in difficult times “”.

Galway is about 160 kilometers from the border with the British part of Northern Ireland. This is heating up the minds: Great Britain will soon no longer belong to the European Union. Critics fear that tensions between Northern Ireland and the EU Republic of Ireland could then flare up again: in the decades-long Northern Ireland conflict, Catholic nationalists striving for unification with Ireland faced Protestant unionists who want to remain part of Great Britain. Thousands of people died and tens of thousands were injured in the civil war.

“” The festival comes at just the right time, “said Irish Ambassador to London, Adrian O’Neill. “” We need culture more than ever. “” It can change mental attitudes, emphasized the ambassador when presenting the program. Irish President Michael Higgins also made an allusion to Brexit: The festival is intended “” for the local, national and European communities to which we all belong “”.

One of the many art objects in the Capital of Culture is an installation called Borderline, on which residents on both sides of the green border – in Ireland and in Londonderry, Northern Ireland – contributed. The Finnish light artist Kari Kola lets the Connemara Mountains near Galway shine in green on Irish St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th). And Homer’s Odyssey is read on the windswept beach. Canadian author Margaret Atwood, recently awarded the prestigious British Booker Prize, is also participating in the program.

The European Capital of Culture is an initiative of the European Union. Every year two cities are appointed – one from the old EU countries and one from the new. Germany will only be allowed to place one of the cities again – alongside Slovenia – in 2025. This year, Plovdiv in Bulgaria and Matera in the south of Italy carry the titles. Home to an ancient site, Plovdiv is a sought-after travel destination. Matera is known for its ancient cave settlements in the tuff.

Things are rougher in Ireland than in these two sunny cities. The wind will howl at the opening and it will rain, said creative director Marriage. “” But it will be great fun. “” The “Lonely Planet” travel guide already ranks Galway in the top ten to visit in 2020 – after Salzburg, Washington and Cairo.

A hospital in Emden has to pay a child 800,000 euros in compensation for pain and suffering for a gross malpractice. That was decided by the Oldenburg Higher Regional Court, as the court announced on Friday after media reports. The then five-year-old boy was admitted to hospital in 2011 with a fever and chills. When his mother noticed dark spots on her son’s body that night, she called a nurse. But this did not call a doctor.

It wasn’t until the next morning that a doctor found that the spots on the body and face were dead tissue. The child had life-threatening blood poisoning caused by meningococci. Both of the boy’s lower legs had to be amputated, and numerous other operations were and will be necessary in the future.

The medical malpractice was judicially established in 2013 and confirmed in 2015. Now the amount of the compensation had to be determined. “” It is possibly the judgment with the highest amount of compensation for pain and suffering that has ever been awarded in Germany, “said the boy’s lawyer, Burkhard Remmers, about the now legally binding judgment. “” Nobody can relieve the plaintiff and his family from suffering, “said the specialist lawyer for medical law. “” The plaintiff is now receiving really adequate compensation. “”

According to the court, the child has already been operated on more than 20 times. The boy had to wear a full-body compression suit for three and a half years because of the scars, which he was only allowed to take off for a short time every day. Now the 14-year-old goes to a regular school and uses a wheelchair to get around.

The hospital did not want to comment on the verdict, but said: “” The Emden Clinic expresses its express regret for the incidents surrounding the treatment of the young patient nine years ago. “”

If an infection with the tetanus pathogens has been found, tetanus treatment must be given as soon as possible. Here you can find out which therapeutic measures are used against the disease.

Typical teething problems: this is how you recognize them
Photo series with 7 pictures

What helps against tetanus?

In fact, there is no specific drug that can be used to treat tetanus.